EPIPHANY2DESIGN covers a range of professional photography services from events and editorial through pets, children, baby and family photography. Misty’s and Manny’s professional but relaxed approach throughout the process ensures our clients are well informed before, during and after the shoot or a specific creative process leading up to a product. Our eye to detail and commitment to fulfill clients briefs combined with his industry experience produces results which give you that edge you need when you are looking for professional photography or graphic design. Please take a moment to read about us and roam through our site galleries, you will find out we can be a good fit for your artistic needs.


Misty_SnapseedMisty Vogtritter: “Seeing through the lens of the camera has afforded me the opportunity to delve into the unique brilliance of every person who has modeled before me.  The countless workshops, classes and degrees/certificates cannot replace the inspired realities of being in the moment, capturing the true essence of who and what is to be photographed. I love what I do and can hardly wait for the next chance to share, create and (if the client desires) co-produce with Manny the next work of art!”


Manny2Manny Fimbres: “With extensive experience in web, graphic and print design, I maintain a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact in all my work. I believe every piece of design can be a work of art. I graduated as an Architect and have been a musician by heart, who has come to terms with the fact that I am much more into graphic arts due to several reasons: I rear-ended my car in front of someone’s car because I was analyzing a font on a billboard. I would rather study the patterns on people’s clothes than listen to what they have to say. I look at meals as being “interruptions”. I see graphics and art just like Neo sees the Matrix. I can’t go to a restaurant without secretly critiquing the menu design and also organize my CD collection according to the Pantone chart. “