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The Most Powerful Download Card in the World!

Digi-Cards™ is a download card. It hosts any kind of content which is stored on secure servers, allowing the end user to download or stream: music, videos, photos, ringtones, books, documents and much more. Digi-Cards™ is a tool that physically resembles a credit card. It is customizable, affordable and compatible with all computers, cell phones, iPods, smart phones and other equipment on the market.

The variety of content that our clients can offer to customers makes Digi-Cards™ the number one tool used to develop the most effective marketing strategies and advertising campaigns on the market. It is the best way to sell, promote and distribute your product, content, information and business. For all these reasons Digi-Cards™ is “The Most Powerful Download Card in the World!”

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Below are some of our Card Designs for Digi-cards